Audi Time Piece

[Reimagining The Grandfather Clock]

Design, like fashion never rests. Designers strive with their every creation to redefine the parameters of what looks beautiful & unique. Audi has always been a company that encourage this creative process, not just in their cars, but in every aspect of life.

To celebrate the creative genius of artists, Audi hosts a Design Challenge every year. The winner of past year’s challenge was this beautiful clock.

Created by Jaehyuk Lee & Pilkwon Jung, this beautiful clock takes inspiration from the classic grandfather clock & reinvents it by incorporating into it, Audi’s delicate design & technical philosophy.

The design contains elegant & simple, metal brushed lines used in the clock’s round face. These lines display a dignity that is intensified by the fantastical aura leaking from the small holes on the clock’s face that displays the time by letting out the lights.

The interior of the clock are a reflection of value of Audi’s slogan ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (Advancement through technology) as it uses Audi’s sophisticated technics for the clock’s movements.

The Time piece in it’s one of a kind look & feel is a symbol of excellence for people who appreciate Audi for both it’s outer beauty & it’s inner technical grace.

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