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A recent graduate from Pratt Institute’s Industrial Design Program, Bryan Wong wanted to design an Action Camera that was not only rugged and portable but could also compete the quality provided by mirror less cameras. The only contender in this very specific category is the GoPro Series. The problem however, is that, GoPro is currently focusing Extreme Sports, not everyday photo / video capture.

So Bryan did what any talented designer would do, he made up his own camera. Where GoPro is dependent on heavily branded designs & cases for any waterproof operations, Bryan’s vision was of a less discrete camera that would focus on image quality and user interaction. A camera that is waterproof without the case & can be easily maintained by the user.

It took Bryan 2 months to finalize on a straightforward design that could be easily maintained. He increased the length of the body, which allowed for a Higher Quality Lens with better image quality. The body itself is dust & water proof, thus eliminating the need for a special box.

The lens itself is covered with a Replaceable Shield to protect it, as well as giving the camera the ability to change the filter base. The camera has a modular mount option, so the user can easily change the mount depending on their needs.

Bryan designed a simple dial for changing camera modes, the kind that’s already used in most digital cameras around the world. The purpose was to make it easy to understand & save battery and setup time for the user. It also doubles as a water proof cover for the battery port.

The new GoPro Session camera has many similarities to Bryan’s GoPro Voyager, yet suffers from lower video quality because the focus was kept on reducing the size of the device. By not compromising on picture quality while still maintaining a tough design, Bryan Wong has shown that you can still have you cake & eat it too.

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