Horex VR6 Silver Edition

[Return Of A German Beauty]

Horex, the German Motorcycle Manufacturer, who was on the brink of bankruptcy just a few months ago, has returned to it’s glory with the launch of the updated VR6 Roadster, which was announced in late June. Showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a Collectible Silver Edition, the motorcycle carries with it all the charm it promised, along with the patented Six-Cylinder VR6 Engine.

The main focus of the bike is the six cylinder engine, which packs a 1,218 CC punch. The six cylinders are arranged in two banks of three with three overhead camshafts & three valves per cylinder. The partition between the banks has a steep 15-degree angle, which makes it a tight fit, cutting the space close enough to almost match that of a typical in-line four-cylinder.

The engine produces 170 bhp (125 kW) of power and 138 Nm (101.8 lb-ft) of torque, although we don’t know yet at which RPM the bike reach maximum output.

The takover of Horex by the German company 3C-Carbon Group hasn’t affected the aesthetic value of the brand, since the new VR6 keeps close to the design that was first introduced in 2010. What had changed however are the materials used to construct the design, which now feature a lot of Carbon Fiber Elements thanks to it’s new parent company, which specializes in such products.

You can also find carbon fiber treatments given to the unit structure rear subframe, the instrument casing, the rear hugger & the chain guide. All this carbon makes the new VR6 29 kg (63.9 lb) lighter than the previous model, which is now a slimmer 221 kg (487.2 lb).

Taking care of the handling section, the VR6 incorporates fully adjustable pair of Ohlins Suspension & a TTX36 Shock Absorber. The braking is handled by two Brembo CNC P4 radial four-piston calipers operating on 320 mm wave discs.

You can enjoy the ride of the aptly named Silver Edition VR6 in its comfortable leather saddle at a comfortable height of 780 mm (30.7 in). You will have a splendid view of the road as the whole world looks at you in envy, partly because of the beauty & power, & partly because of the exclusivity.

The reason behind the exclusivity is that, the VR6 Silver Edition will be a Limited Edition model with just 33 produced. Pricing has not been announced as yet, but to be sure, the iconic piece of beauty will have many takers.

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