NanoParticles That Can Fool The Immune System

[New Method Of Targeting Diseases On Cellular Level]

Development of Nano-Particles that can deliver medicine deep inside the body is not a new achievement to science. But this process has faced a lot of limitations when it comes to it’s targeting abilities, often relying on integrating unique antibodies for individual patients. This can be quite costly as well as time consuming.

Researchers at University of California, San Diego now claim to have created Polymeric Nano-Particles, that Mimic Platelets. These nano-particles are placed inside the plasma membrane of circulating platelets, are able to avoid the immune system while seeking out the injured parts of the body. Once they find the damaged portion, they cling to it & release the medical dosage they carry within.

These nano-particles, which have the entire set of characteristics present within platelet membranes, gives them unprecedented access within the body. This invention could be used to deliver drugs to targeted sites in the body, greatly enhancing the healing power of drug treatments for diseases & bacterial infections.

The particles are made by Harvesting Human Platelets, breaking them apart to only gather their membranes. These are then attached to the polymeric nanoparticles, effectively cloaking the contents from being noticed by the Immune System. The team tested this approach on rats with damaged arteries. The findings showed that the drug settles within the damaged tissue in greater quantities than ever before.

“This work addresses a major challenge in the field of nanomedicine: targeted drug delivery with nanoparticles,” said Liangfang Zhang, the senior author of the study. “Because of their targeting ability, platelet-mimicking nanoparticles can directly provide a much higher dose of medication specifically to diseased areas without saturating the entire body with drugs.”

The research was published on Sept. 16 in the reputed scientific journal, Nature. This gives hope for good health to countless patients whose bodies are too sensitive to generic Medical Treatments.

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