Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820

[More Faster & Efficient Than Ever Before]

There has been a lot of speculation about the top shelf mobile chip, the Snapdragon 820 to be introduced by Qualcomm in 2016. To give credibility to some & to squash other rumors, Qualcomm themselves have announced some details about their much anticipated chip. They have officially confirmed that the upcoming chip will feature improved fast charging tech & fastest LTE support yet.

Powering the claim of Fastest LTE ever is an upgraded X12 LTE Modem built into the processor. This modem gives an output of LTE Advanced Speeds of Category 12 during downloads & Category 13 during uploads. This new tech will give any phone embedded with this chip, the capability of handling download speeds of up to 600 Mbps & 150 Mbps for upload. There’s also support for Multi-Gigabit 802.11ad WiFi on the processor. Although we don’t have any use for such tech right now, it sure will come in handy in the near future.

Handling all those speeds is not an easy task for any phone. We have all seen how quickly current phones run out of juice while working with high speed data connections. This is why Qualcomm has given top priority to charging time. The company is proudly announcing an integrated Quick Charge 3.0 tech in the chip, which will allow users to charge their battery from dead to 80 Percent in just 35 Minutes.

The secret behind Quick Charge 3.0 is in a special algorithm that is designed to let mobile devices decide exactly how much power they require. This optimization of power requirements results in up to 45% Less Power Loss compared to Quick Charge 2.0. An additional benefit of this tech will be that the devices wouldn’t get too hot during charging, which has been a big problem with it’s predecessor.

If you believe the rumors, this processor is already being tested in upcoming flagship phones such as the LG G5 & Samsung S7, set to release next year. Whether or not we believe in these rumors, what we can believe in is that, this processor is surely the future of mobile technology.

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