Sweden Plans A Green Future

[Aims To Become World's First Fossil Fuel-Free Nation]

Everyone talks about how serious the problem of Global Warming & Pollution is becoming. We can already see some of the after effects. Yet there are few countries that are openly working towards solving this problem. Sweden is one of them. So much so, that, they have announced that they are working towards making Sweden World’s First Country to Give Up Fossil Fuels completely.

This announcement came along with a proposal of spending an extra $546 million on Renewable Energy and Climate Change action in their 2016 Budget. Even though it may sound like a hard target to achieve, it might be quite easy for the country since it already gets two-thirds of its electricity from non-fossil fuel energy sources.

The major focus of this policy change will be on increasing its solar and wind energy potential, at the same time implementing heavier taxes on petrol and diesel fuel. Instead of such traditional fuels, the government is planning to revamp the entire transportation system by introducing an electric bus fleet & subsidies for green cars. Another key area of spending will be development of smart grids of energy efficient residential buildings.

To power all the promised projects Sweden is also going to encourage the development of new Energy Storage Technologies. All these factors combined with the replacement of old nuclear plants with new wind farms are sure to give the clean energy dreams of this country a firm backing.

This whole process isn’t just an economic one. Swedish people also understand firsthand how climate change affects everyday life, since they themselves suffered extreme heatwaves last summer along with one of the worst bushfires in the country’s history. The government has realized that strict action is needed to rally the whole world behind the cause of ecological preservation. “Sweden will become one of the first fossil-free welfare states in the world,” Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told the press. “When European Regulations do not go far enough Sweden will lead the way.”

This call to power hasn’t gone unnoticed by other countries either. A lot of places including Hawaii, Costa Rica & Denmark among others have worked hard towards making sure that they reduce their carbon footprint on this world. These actions will give a new boost of energy to the 2015 United Nationals Climate Change Conference, which will be held in Paris at the end of November.

Even though there isn’t a set deadline for this goal, there is a hope that we will see a more concrete image in the near future. The real hope is that this encourages even more countries to get in on this Green Revolution.

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Source: Ecologist | Via: Science Alert
Posted on : 30 Sep 2015 @ 00:28

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