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The Tesla Drone, a unique approach to drone ingenuity. With Tesla revolutionizing every field it touches, it wasn’t long before someone thought of what would happen if Tesla decided to mingle with the exciting & constantly evolving field of drones. Fraser Leid, a brilliant designer had the same thought & came up with some unique ideas for it.

The Tesla Drone, unlike the traditional Quadcopter, which is based on a rigid body shape, stays afloat using two independent propellers that can work in both vertical & horizontal positions depending on the whim of the operator. This reinvention of flight modes in addition to the new & unique twin blade design of the propellers, gives the drone advanced stability control along with enhanced video capture abilities.

The design allows the propellers to work with the camera, acting as stabilizers, thus eliminating the need for a gimble to act as a stabilizer for the camera. The provides additional versatility to the whole process of video capture. An example of this is, that, when pilots put the drone in a vertical configuration, it allows the drone to move in a slow & steady flight pattern, which is great for slow wide – angled panoramic videos. In contrast to this, the horizontal configuration makes the drone easy to handle while capturing steady videos at faster speed.

Where in most cases, such technological advancements leads to a detrimental effect on battery life, the Tesla Drone escapes this pitfall by using the lift produced by the propellers in sync with an advanced 10,000mah Lithium-Ion Battery to give the drone an impressive flight time of 60 minutes. This is quite impressive when you take in account the power needs of the brilliant 30MP camera with 4k video recording capabilities that comes attached to this drone. The prowess of Tesla Powercell technology gives the drone a ridiculously short charging time of just 20 minutes. So even if you run out juice while playing around with this beauty, you won’t have to wait long for it to be up to about again.

Although there isn’t any indication if Tesla is actually working on a drone or not, but we sure will wait with bated breath for this technology to become a reality.

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