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[Future Of Aviation With Vertical Takeoff & Landing]

The TriFan 600 is a conceptual Three-Rotor Airplane with Vertical Takeoff & Landing abilities. This is such a revolutionary concept, that, if it makes it to production stage, could completely change the face of the aviation industry. Currently in the early developmental stage, this beauty is the dream child of XTI Aircrafts.

XTI Aircraft, is a new company based in Denver. It is headed by a veteran leadership team that includes Jeff Pino, former president of Sikorsky Aircraft, Charlie Johnson, former president of Cessna Aircraft, Dennis Olcott, former chief engineer at Piper & Adam Aircraft, & David Brody, the founder of XTI.

The TriFan 600, as the name suggests uses Three Ducted Fans to lift off & achieve cruise speed in just 90 seconds. During lift off, the two wing fans rotate to a vertical position & combined with a retractable fuselage mounted fan, generate the lift. Once the plane reaches the necessary height, the wing fans rotate forward while the third fan closes up. It reverses the process for landing.

Since this airplane lands vertically, the pilot can land it anywhere, eliminating the need for a runway, significantly saving precious time & money. The TriFan 600 also has advanced safety features such as autopilot and computerized controls for takeoff and landing. These help reduce the burden on the pilot while also ensuring a safe flight every time.

It is designed to have the same speed, maximum altitude & flight range as other Business Jets. Since it competes with business jets, it also has Six-Seater Spacious Interior, complete with elegant design & intelligent high-tech features. Aimed at the elite class, this plane is surely going to be a must have for businessmen who prefer to have the best.

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