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[A Robot To Help You Walk Again]

One of the hardest part of an injury is the recovery. The pain combined with the inability of the body to function properly creates a loss of self esteem. It is especially difficult for people who have to undergo therapy for walking again, since it’s very hard to recover the natural gait of the body while learning to balance your weight at the same time.

The traditional Treadmill Based Gait Training Therapy is used for such cases, but it’s effects are limited since the main focus remains on maintaining the balance of the patient. To take care of this issue & in order to give the therapist more freedom, Hocoma, a Swiss company, has introduced a new Robotic Therapy System called the Andago Mobile Robot to help patients do Gait Training without the need for a treadmill.

This new Robotic Therapy System offers body weight support to the patient, which lets them walk on normal floors without using their arms for support. The robot walks along with the user, monitoring the vitals & body movements while maintaining proper posture & supporting the whole weight of the body. This support prevents the user from falling, which in turn gives them more encouragement to keep working hard.

Since this device comes ready for use & doesn’t require any unusual infrastructure, it can be used at almost an location. What this means is, that, once the user has gained enough training in closed areas, they can use the robot in open spaces too, giving them freedom from the monotony of a hospital environment.

Not only does this aid in the Physical & Mental Recovery of the patient, it also lets the therapist focus on training the patients in a less complicated manner. They can guide instead of supporting, which allows them to more thoroughly measures the performance of the patient during each training session & review the results tabulated by the machine.

This system is being tested at various medical facilities across the globe. Once the testing is complete, Hocoma is expected to bring this robot to the market. The current timeline for launch is expected to be around February, 2016. Once it does, it will surely help a lot of people feel whole again.

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