Cadillac LMP-09 Vision Gran Turismo

[A Concept Car by Arthur Nustas]

There is a new trend in automobile design this year, of dedicating amazing futuristic concepts to the popular Gran Turismo video game series.

Designer Arthur B. Nustas, has created his own homage in the form of the 2030 Cadillac LMP, a single seat concept car inspired by the dynamic shape of a flying eagle.

This car showcases the evolution of Cadillac’s distinctive design language, which is improved upon with the help of sharp details and smooth surfaces.

The car has a rear engine setup that features a small 3.0L twin-turbo charged V-8 Northstar Engine & two separate electric motors delivering power to the front wheels.

This setup provides the car with all wheel drive capability while using the unique design of the C pillar as a spoiler to create downforce & improve handling.

This C pillar is a very important part of the cabin design, which combines the the look of a B2 stealth bomber with that of a flying eagle to give a unique personality to the car.

Although we have no hopes of this car ever getting a production model, but still, it will be a great car to own, even if just in your Playstation.

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Posted on : 30 Oct 2015 @ 11:27

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