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[A Whole New Approach To 3D Printing]

3-D Printing is built on the concept of a normal Inkjet Printer that uses plastic instead of ink. It uses layers of plastic to form a 3-D object from the bottom up. Even though a revolutionary concept today, it still has it’s flaws. The layering causes the objects products to be weak & jagged.

To improve on this flaw, a new technology called Carbon3D Printing is reversing the process by creating the entire object in one go, instead of continuous layering. This technology went viral on the internet after it’s creator, Professor Joseph DeSimone from the University of North Carolina, showcased it in a lecture on Ted Talks.

The machine is based on an old printing technology called Stereo-lithography. It uses a bath of Liquid Resin Soup that hardens when exposed to a UV Light Projector. Targeted blasts of UV light shape the form from below as the overhead platform lifts, drawing the object out of the soup.

A sheet of glass between the projector and the resin introduces oxygen to the mix, which keeps the resin from hardening too soon. By carefully balancing the interaction of light and oxygen the printer is able to print up to 100 Times Faster than current 3-D Printers.

The company has received $100 million in funding to move these 3D printers into production. Carbon3D already has provided prototypes to several leading companies & production houses for testing. It hopes to hit the commercial market in 2016. Rest assured, it will provide immense variety to current & future 3D printing possibilities.

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