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[Pulling Power Literally From Thin Air]

Energy is & has always been the focal point around which all other development happens. Human society has tried it’s best to squeeze energy out of everything around it. From fossil fuels, to nuclear, to alternative, it has been a continuous journey towards power.

Now, a British Tech Company called, Drayson Technologies has come up with a new way of powering wearable and smart home devices, with a device called the Freevolt. This device, developed in collaboration with the Imperial College London, is said, can harvest the Ambient Energy from radio waves traveling through the air & turn it into a small amount of electricity for low-energy gadgets.

Even though this level of energy won’t be able to charge your smartphone, but it will be enough to power all the remote sensors that surround our world. Smart sensors can be seen in garage doors, refrigerators & even basic climate control devices. We are living in a world today that embraces the philosophy of, the Internet Of Things. With this device, that philosophy can be truly brought to the forefront of human development, without the need for pesky charging wires or replacing batteries.

“Companies have been researching how to harvest energy from WiFi, cellular and broadcast networks for many years,” says Lord Drayson, CEO & Chairman of Drayson Technologies. “But it is difficult, because there is only a small amount of energy to harvest and achieving the right level of rectifying efficiency has been the issue – up until now.

The company has worked on developing a method of capturing energy & making it usable by minimizing energy loss in the process. The company used three technologies to achieve this goal – a multi-band antenna to attract energy from radio bands; a rectifier that turns that energy into a current; & a power management system that optimizes power consumption & minimizes energy loss to make sure you get all the power available.

To demonstrate the capabilities of this technology, the company has developed an Air Pollution Sensor, called CleanSpace (£55 or US$85). It measures air quality & sends the information to a smartphone. It is the size of a mobile phone, with the thickness of a credit card. But the company is working on making it even smaller & flexible for use in even smaller devices.

If the device & the companies claims are any indication, this technology will soon see itself being integrated into several devices around your house, giving you a true experience of what it’s like to cut the cord.

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Source: Drayson Technologies | Via: CNET
Posted on : 06 Oct 2015 @ 13:08

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