JAQ Gran Turismo Concept

[Wind Powered Car By Jorge Anaguano Quijia]

There have been many attempts over the years to find a solution to the problem of fossil fuels. From electric to solar to hydrogen, there are many systems in the markey for Alternative Energy for cars. But probably none so unique as the JAQ Gran Turismo Concept designed by Designer Jorge Anaguano Quijia.

This car uses a highly Aerodynamic Body Structure combined with a Cat-C System to power the vehicle. For those who are just hearing about it, Cat-C is a system that collects the air flowing through the body of the car in a high pressure compressor & blows it with great force towards the back of the car.

The resulting force of the air moves the Turbines that are located in back tires of the car. This propels the car in a forward motion. The turbines play a secondary role of generating electricity for an Electric Motor that works together with the driving force of the turbines.

If all that isn’t enough, that car also comes equipped with a small Internal Combustion Engine that provides power to the front wheels exclusively. This is just an afterthought since the main focus of the car is on clean energy.

Even if the car didn’t have such a wide variety of systems working together to make it move, it would still be one of the most fascinating cars ever seen based just on it’s sleek looks & the low to the ground character.

This car, even with no plans of going into production, still easily generates heaps of interest for further development of eco concepts that combine alternative energy & artistic design in such a harmonious way.

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Posted on : 31 Oct 2015 @ 11:09

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