Kinetic Blocks

[The Next Level Of Pin Based 3D Displays]

MIT Media Lab is one of those few places on earth where dreams literally come true. They are responsible for showcasing amazing technologies that gives a glimpse into the future.

A part of the MIT Media Lab, the Tangible Interfaces Group some time ago introduced us to inFORM, a Shape Shifting Display, which could translate digital data into three-dimensional forms.

It was a concept that presented a future where you could physically interact with content in a true 3D manner.

Now they have developed a new iteration of that display that literally pushes the technology in a new, intriguing direction.

Appropriately named, the Kinetic Blocks uses a Kinect Camera to record & analyze movement, which it can recreate using the 900 computer controlled plastic pins at it’s disposal.

This shape shifting display is the same that we saw in inFORM & can construct, deconstruct & reassemble objects in real-time.

The ability for Object Manipulation has a lot of potential if it were applied to the workings of a robot.

The team is currently working on improving the technology so that it can actually one day be used in such applications.

They have already published a paper on this technology which explains the intricate workings of the device & how it will one day change how we interact with information.

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