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[Your Personal Cannibis Growing System]

Agriculture is something most people don’t get involved in personally. They go to the market & just buy the food / fruit of their need.

Cannabis is one of those rare plants, who’s breeding conditions has a huge impact on the end product. This is why most serious users like to be involved in the growing process.

With the legal status of cannabis getting a green light in more and more places, you can not only buy Marijuana from retail stores, but you can also grow your own plants.

A new company named Corsica Innovations Inc. has brought a new invention to the market, called Leaf, that will make growing pot a lot easier.

It’s a first ever Plug N’ Plant Cannabis Growing System that will help you grow quality cannabis in the comfort of your home, using an app to monitor the progress.

This system actively monitors & adjusts the environment as well as the temperature around the plant to optimize plant growth.

The app provides you daily updates on the progress of your plant, along with letting you watch your plants growing safely through a built-in HD camera.

This way you can get organic & high quality marijuana without worrying about any outside chemical exposure.

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Posted on : 30 Oct 2015 @ 17:00

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