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With the advent of the social age we can observe a rising inclination among people towards sharing visual experiences. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & many other apps & websites have made sharing photos & videos a big part of social life. People these days demand a lot of creative freedom from their Smartphone / Compact Cameras, which have replaced traditional DSLR‘s due to their size & easy sharing options.

Despite all these developments, there is still a large following for DSLR’s, because even with all the features on offer, the compact cameras in these devices could not match up to the image quality of a DSLR, until now. Now, Light, a silicon valley startup has done what previously was thought impossible, created a camera the size of a smartphone, that can take DSLR level photos.

Their camera, the L16, is built to offer 52 MP pics, with 35-150mm Zoom functionality & the option to select focus & depth of field after shooting.

Giving this camera such versatility is not one, but 16 Mini Cameras ( 5 x 35mm, 5 x 70mm, 6 x 150mm) that work together to capture the image from different angles, focus points & exposure levels.  These images are combined by an algorithm to churn out a larger image in JPG, TIFF or RAW DNG formats that can be edited later.

As expected, the camera also features a 5 Inch Touchscreen which is used to control all the settings while on the move. Such an impressive setup packing in such a small shell makes this camera into a must have toy for the affluent.

We’re mentioning the affluent because, this camera will take a huge chunk of your pocket change, starting at $1,299, only if you pre-order now with a $199 deposit. This pre order scheme will end after November 6th, after which the price will be raised to US$1,699.

Crazy cameras like this keep popping up in the market often. Lytro’s Illum was an example of exactly this kind of wild thinking. Just like the Illum we don’t have much expectations from this camera to become a mainstream success.

But for those few enthusiasts who will own one of the few thousand of the L16 models to be produced, it will surely be something to brag about.

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