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[A Light That Doesn't Need Power]

The problem with Flashlights is, that, they run out of batteries just when you need them most. The problems that come with short life span of batteries & steadily increasing costs of purchase has lead most people to turn towards their smartphones to serve as makeshift flashlights. But what do you do when your phone shuts down & you don’t have a flashlight handy?

Lumen, a unique little flashlight is the answer to this problem. Currently in existence as a campaign on Kickstarter, this little flashlight uses a small Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) to power a 5mm Cree Led. For those who don’t know what TEG is, it’s a device that transforms heat into electricity. In the case of this flashlight, it uses the Heat produced by the Human Body to achieve this.

Lumen uses the difference between the body and ambient air temperatures to generate it’s power. The device is designed to produce about 15 mA – 3 V, enough to power the LED. Any excess power produced is stored in an internal capacitor which resides in a Aluminum / Titanium body, weighting just 35 / 45 Grams respectively.

These metals are not just light & durable, but also function as a Heat Sink, making the TEG more efficient. Both models come with an optional Tritium Vial that produces an extra glowing light that can run for up to 10 years. So not only does this device remove the need for replacing batteries, you also don’t have to worry about buying a new flashlight ever.

The Lumen flashlight’s Kickstarter Campaign started with a humble goal of $5,000 but already received more than $22k in just two days. So it is safe to say there is a huge demand for this product. If you can’t wait for the product to reach actual production, you can pledge $35 to the campaign for a Aluminum Lumen & $45 for Titanium one. The models that contain the tritium vials cost $15 more.

So, if you are one of those people who might be interested in a device the size of your Finger that will provide you with Free Light Forever, better hurry and book your own piece.

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Source: Kickstarter
Posted on : 31 Oct 2015 @ 07:06

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