Origami-Inspired Military Tent

[A Smart Shelter to Cut Energy Use By 70 Percent]

Whenever we think of neat & efficient designs, we have to keep a special mention for Japan. The land of the rising sun has given many brilliant innovations to the world. One of the oldest & beautiful of these gift has been origami. This ancient paper folding art has inspired an entire generation of designers.

The latest project to take inspiration from this art is, a Deployable Military Shelter that is designed to cut energy consumption & make the living standards of soldiers a whole lot better in the process. This idea came to a team of researchers at the University of Notre Dame’s Kinetic Structure Laboratory one of their discussions.

Undergraduate research associate Angelene Dascanio was the one to stumble upon this unique design when she rested her cell phone on the tail fold of an origami model to hold it in place, which helped leverage the main section of paper into the air.

This simple act became the eureka moment for the lab director Dr. Ashley Thrall who came up with the real world application of this model in the form of a Modular Tent, which would work by leveraging the walls into the upright position while folding out the roof at the same time, instead of erecting four shelter walls as per the traditional method.

This Origami-Inspired Shelter is very easy to carry on planes, ships or trucks & can be easily put together by a few soldiers in less than an hour. The construction of the walls is rigid and thermally insulated which cuts the heating and cooling needs by 70 percent, thus significantly reducing energy requirements.

The team is working on others ways of making this system more energy efficient, in hopes of making it a smart & reliable choice for use in emergency and disaster situations.

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Category : Architecture
Posted on : 29 Oct 2015 @ 18:29

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