Palm Pistol .38 SPL

[A Gun For Physically Handicapped People]

Security is important for everyone. No matter what the age, sex or medical condition of the person, there is a fundamental instinct in every human being towards self preservation. Still, even though there are plenty of weapons for the able bodied population, there are hardly any options for the handicapped to defend themselves.

Now a company called Constitution Arms is developing a special defensive gun designed for people with degenerative joint & muscle conditions such as arthritis. Called the Palm Pistol .38 SPL, this gun is a single shot firearm which fires a .38 caliber bullet.

The body is designed in a way that it is fired by use of the thumb instead of the fingers & can be held in either hand without worrying about the orientation. The zero bore axis eliminates muzzle rise during firing and directs recoil forces directly into the palm.

Initially there was a rumor that the FDA will be designated the gun as a medical device, making it eligible for Medicare coverage. But this report has been refuted as false. So far, the purchase of this weapon will follow the same regulations as general weapons, restricted to US citizens and resident aliens only.

The company is planning an initial production run of 500 units in order to see the demand for the product. Due to the nature of this weapon as an aid intended for seniors & disabled, we expect it to be highly popular in the near future. So, if you have a loved one who needs this, be quick & book your own piece.

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Posted on : 28 Oct 2015 @ 13:02

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