SafeHome Fire Extinguisher

[A Modern Take By Moises Hansen]

Developed by Designer Moises Hansen, SafeHome is a easy to use Fire Extinguisher Concept specially designed for the people of Brazil.

The design consists of a compact fire extinguisher with a holder to attach it onto the wall or other surfaces.

It acknowledges & improves on the problems most people face with standard fire extinguisher, that they are heavy, & require proper training to operate safely in an emergency situation.

So Hansen put special effort in making sure that, the equipment incorporates modern design while being portable & easy to use for people of all age & sexes.

To make sure that the design is easy to understand, the extinguisher has a big handle, a conventional safety pin & a bright red body with holes in it, specifically placed in order to increase heat dissipation and reduce the body mass.

All you have to do is, take off the extinguisher from its holder, remove the safety pin & push the ignition button to start the chemical reaction and aim at the fire.

It is one of those rare examples of beauty meeting safety.

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Source: Behance | Via: Yanko Design
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Posted on : 06 Oct 2015 @ 13:48

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