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[Bringing Augmented Reality To Life]

Google Glass despite it’s novelty, failed to gain traction in the gadget market. Despite being a good idea it was unfortunately scrapped. But, where Google lost it’s wind, Samsung has decided to take up the cause.

According to a recently surfaced Patent, Samsung seems to be working on a similar concept, except in Samsung’s device, there will be an additional add-on, Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality has for long been the wet dream of Science Fiction. A device that can display interactive images in front of the user. It seems Samsung wants to be the first one to bring this dream to reality.

As seen in the patent images, Samsung’s device will utilize two cameras embedded in it’s glasses to project a 3D keypad / keyboard on the user’s hand, allowing them to dial numbers or type messages just by tapping & gesturing through the air in front of them.

This technology, called SixthSense was initially developed by Pranav Mistry while he was studying at MIT. He even showcased it in a TEDIndia talk. These days, Mistry works for Samsung & could be involved in this project.

Despite the fact that this little piece of information gives a whole new level of credibility to potential existence of this device, we should remember, that this is just a patent.

There is no indication of any timeline for this device, or even a confirmation from Samsung for it’s production. We can just wait to see whether Samsung uses this opportunity to deal a huge blow to the great search giant, Google.

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