Sign Language Glove

[Translates Sign Language Into Text And Speech]

Technology has helped revolutionize the way people communicate with each other. There has been huge advancements in experimental technology that lets disabled people hear. Now, a student of the University Of London has developed a smart glove that will help them speak too. This glove converts sign language into text and spoken dialogue.

Aptly named the Sign Language Glove, this wearable device contains Five Flex Sensors that monitors the bends and curves of each finger, along with an Accelerometer to detect the orientation of the glove. The software takes all the input from these devices into account while converting hand & finger movements into words.

Hadeel Ayoub, the creator of the glove is currently working on the third iteration of the glove. The first experimental version took signs and turned them into visual letters on a screen. The second model was faster, featuring more compact hardware that produced text that scrolled on a screen. The latest model is said to include a Text-to-Speech Chip sewn into the lining of the glove.

The future models would see the glove with an integrated Language Translation Function that would relay the words wirelessly to a Smartphone App over Wi-Fi.

A student at Goldsmiths, University of London, Ayoub is a brilliant designer, fluent in Arabic, French & English. She understands the importance of language as a part of human interactions. She developed this glove with an aim to help disabled students & employees become independent, without the need for special interpreters following them around.

This cost effective project is expected to have an estimated cost of around £255 (US$385) per unit. Understandably, many companies have already approached Ayoub with plans to mass producing the Sign Language Glove. Once it reaches mass production status, this glove will solve communication problems for a vast majority of population all over the world.

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