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[A Public Wifi Initiative From Virgin]

In today’s world, with smartphones, tablets & other electronic devices rapidly changing the way we interact with people, the biggest problems we face is one of connectivity.

Even though our homes & offices are well equipped with Wifi Connections, there still remains a huge lacking of such facilities in public areas.

Public hotspots are hard to find & equally hard to work with. You have to go into cafes, restaurants or malls if you want to access them & even then, good quality of service isn’t guaranteed.

The people at Virgin Media seem to have noticed this problem & are introducing an experimental program in the small town of Chesham, Buckinghamshire to rectify it.

In this UK town, the District Council is working along with Virgin Media on this plan, which will involve building WiFi Hotspots right into the pavements on the streets.

Titled the Smart Pavement, this service will require upgrading of the existing network ducts & manholes maintained by Vigin itself, using special Wifi Routers & covering them with a special Resin Manhole Cover that will protect them from the nasty surroundings.

These routers will be connected directly to Virgin Media’s Fibre Network & are expected to provide speeds of up to 166Mbps in a range of around 80 meters (260 feet) with help from some uniquely designed Antennas.

The 21,000 approximate residents of the town will be able to use these amazing speeds just by connecting to the Virgin Media Wifi that will show up on their devices. Existing customers of Virgin Media can use the Virgin Media WiFi Buddy Android App for this program too.

There hasn’t been any confirmation about any other cities that might be chosen for this program, or when it will be implemented on a large scale, but whenever it does happen, it will surely be a big push to the Internet Of Things.

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Posted on : 28 Oct 2015 @ 20:27

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