Smog Free Tower

[An Air Purifier That Makes Jewellery From Pollution]

Everyone recognizes the dangers of Pollution these days, but few are willing to work towards rectifying the situation. Part of the problem is that tackling pollution is not a very lucrative business. Now a Netherlands based company called European Nano Solutions, has brought a new product to the market, called the Smog Free Tower, that will not only clean up the air, but also make jewellery from it.

Developed by ENS, in association with Dutch Designer Daan Roosegaarde & Delft Technology University researcher Bob Ursem, this 23 feet tall tower, claims to purify upto 1 million cubic feet of air in an hour. It compresses the filtered smog particles to create unique Cube Jewellery.

The machine works by using a Wind Powered Radial Ventilation System, located at the top of the tower to draws in dirty air. Once the air enters the inner chamber, the smog particles are given a positive charge, which attracts them to a grounded counter electrode located inside the chamber. The clean air is then expelled through vents in the lower part of the tower, surrounding the structure in a bubble of clean air. The particles are then compressed to create smog cubes, which can be fitted into rings, cuff links & other jewellery.

The team ran a successful Kickstarter Campaign to get this technology up & running. Currently a working prototype can be found in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The team plans to take this device on a “Smog Free Tour” to different cities around the world as an attempt to showcase the potential of the technology & gather further funding.

Once people around the world see that there is a real solution to the problem of pollution, we can hope to see more such towers pop up around the globe. Till then, if you are in Rotterdam, enjoy the clean air.

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