SunGlacier WaterDrop

[A Device That Produces Water From Air]

Drinking water is a basic necessity for every living being on the planet. Not only do we need water to thrive, we need it to survive. But over the years, with pollution & global warming reaching alarming levels, there is a serious concern among scientists & researchers about the depreciating water table levels, hence the need for a technology that can bring water to places where water doesn’t exist.

Presenting a possible solution to this problem is Ap Verheggen, who has designed a Solar Device concept which can literally produce Water From Air. The device works on the concept of condensation, the process which turns air into water once cooled.

The device we are talking about is called the WaterDrop. This handheld device harnesses solar energy through custom solar panels, which is then used to cool the air in the device for condensation, creating water. To make this water more suitable for human use, the manufacturers recommend adding small rock, which will add important minerals to the water.

It’s understandable that people would be concerned about drinking water mixed with rocks. To take care of this fear, the spout itself is designed to be a built-in replaceable carbon water filter. This will treat the water for people who have allergies & or are not habitual to drinking unfiltered water.

Just reading about this concept makes you roll your eyes & dismiss it as science fiction. But we do have the technology needed to make this thing a reality & we just hope that it does happen for the sake of all the people suffering through water shortage around the world.

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Posted on : 28 Oct 2015 @ 13:39

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