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[The World’s First Flexible Smart Device]

Wove, developed by California-based company Polyera, has the prestigious tag of being the World’s First Flexible Display Product. Wearable products in this category are usually named “smartwatches” but the company’s CEO Phil Inagaki doesn’t like that moniker. He believes that the dynamic bending nature of the product sets it apart from any other smartwatches in the market.

The secret behind it’s ability to bend is a technology called Digital Fabric. This special technology gives gives the display a screen area of roughly 4680 mm square which is almost 6.5-times that of the Apple Watch. This huge display remains always on, powered by an energy efficient E-Ink Multi Touch Display. This technology has been seen before on the Pebble Smartwatch, but never in this manner.

The display wraps around a segmented bracelet which contain batteries, processor, storage & the charging port along with a simple clasp mechanism. In future iterations, the band is expected to include a 1 GHz Processor, Bluetooth, 4 GB Storage, a 9-axis Motion Sensor & Haptic Feedback. This configuration combined with the bendable display will undoubtedly make it a strong contender to any smartwatch in the market.

Running these internals is a modified version of Android, called Wove OS. Right now there isn’t much to do with the device considering it’s limited software capabilities. Prototypes are expected to reach designers & developers by December, at which point the real development of apps (called compositions by the company) & other parts of the ecosystem will take place.

By the time the band reaches the end users, around Mid-2016, it is promised to be slimmer, sexier & a whole lot more versatile when it comes to usability & design. We are sure that once it does, it will kick off the next chapter in the battle for tech supremacy.

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