World’s First Silicon Quantum Logic Gate

[The Key To Making Silicon Based Quantum Computers]

Researchers have been fascinated for decades with the idea of building a computer that can harnesses power of Quantum Mechanics. But they were limited in their endeavor because it took certain exotic materials to form the Logic Gates needed to create such a computer, which aren’t compatible with Silicon-Based Computer Infrastructure.

Now, a team of researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia have removed this obstacle too. They have created the World’s First Quantum Silicon Logic Gate, effectively giving them the ability to build the World’s First Quantum Processor Chip, which would be used in the First Silicon-Based Quantum Computer.

The team achieved this feat by copying the set-up of traditional chips, in which binary bits are defined by tiny semiconductor devices known as transistors. Project head Andre Dzurak & his team modified the traditional setup by re-configuring the transistors to only be associated with one electron, which let them define qubits (quantum bits), unlocking the power of Quantum Computing.

“Because we use essentially the same device technology as existing computer chips, we believe it will be much easier to manufacture a full-scale processor chip than for any of the leading designs, which rely on more exotic technologies,” says Professor Dzurak. “This makes the building of a quantum computer much more feasible, since it is based on the same manufacturing technology as today’s computer industry.”

The team has already patented a design for a full-scale quantum computer chip which they believe will become a physical reality within five years.

This will become the stepping stone for building a functioning Quantum Computer, which would revolutionize the way we work with computers.

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