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[A Smart Device To Heat or Cool You With Just A Click]

Temperature control is a big problem for humans. We spend a huge chunk of our earnings into making sure that no matter where we are, we don’t have to face severe temperatures, whether it be during the summer or the winter.

So it was understandable when four MIT students decided to spend a huge amount of their time researching & developing a device that could regulate our own personal temperature without the need for lugging around huge heaters / air conditioners.

The device we are talking about is called Wristify. As the name suggests, it is a bracelet that goes on your wrist. The unique technology inside this device helps you change the temperature of your skin just at the press of a button. Although it sounds complicated, it is quite simple.

Whenever we come in contact with some stimulus with a temperature different to our body, the Thermoreceptors on our skin get activated & tweak the temperature of our skin to a more suitable one. You might have experienced this phenomenon whenever you pick up a cold or warm glass of water.

The researchers at Embr Labs, the company that created this device used this concept and applied it to the bracelet, which sends cool or warm waves to the thermoreceptors on your skin, which then activate to do what they do best, change your skin temperature. Now, although this is quite effecting in giving you relief, it still doesn’t effect the core temperature of your body, hence avoiding any nasty side effects.

This amazing piece of technology comes wrapped in a very stylish shell designed by award winning designer Niccolo Casas. Not only did he create a good looking device, he even added glowing lights into it so that you know exactly when you are being heated or cooled.

This unique invention is surely going to be a hit with people who want unprecedented control over their own comfort & absolutely hate it when they have to change the thermostat settings every time someone comes over. So if you are one of them, order yours right now & just wait for your piece.

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