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[An All Electric Superbike]

When you see the evolution of automobiles going on right now, it is clear that we have already passed the point of no return for the adoption of Electric Motors as a viable source of mobility.

Where just some years ago, electric motors were thought of as a weak energy source with applications only for environmental lobbyists, now we see them featured in high end sports car that are the envy of general public everywhere.

BMW, one of the biggest car & bike manufacturers in the world themselves gave this technology a big push when they introduced their amazing i3 & i8 electric sports cars.

But that isn’t a big enough feat anymore. Lots of car manufacturers have introduced sports car concepts that heavily rely on electric motors to get the job done.

This prompted a lot of us to ask, where does the future of innovation lie when it comes to these electric motors. What other product will be revolutionized by this technology.

BMW is here again, with an answer to this question, in the form of an electric powered version of it’s S1000RR Superbike, called the Experimental eRR.


The eRR has been developed by BMW Motorrad in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich as a contender for the currently vacant title of an all electric motorbike.

This isn’t BMW’s first foray into an all electric two wheeler field as we have already seen a similar setup from them in the form of the C Evolution scooter, back in 2014.

Even though that model was designed to be a scooter, it still beat the S1000 RR superbike when it came to initial acceleration, much to the surprise of people at BMW.

This new development opened the door for a lot of questions regarding the future of motorcycles & how big of a part electric motors might play with their amazing power delivery & zero emission benefits.

This product will provide a lot of answers to a lot of these questions, when it is revealed in detail at the EICMA in Milan, next week.

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