Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept

[A Muscle Car That Loves Corners]

Muscle Cars have always been the envy of car lovers. Their wide body design combined with the super powered engines & animalistic sound create an instant attraction for anyone nearby.

Still, even with all these great qualities on paper, in reality these cars aren’t usually preferred rides of car enthusiasts owing to their limited driving capabilities.

Where their European counterparts might lose on looks & feel, they gain back when it comes to maneuverability & performance in corners & adverse road conditions.

Now, Dodge, one of the most beloved muscle car manufacturers around the globe have teamed up with the folks at Mopar to bring you a special treat that’s wins both in muscle & performance.

What we are talking about is the Challenger GT AWD Concept that is being showcased at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas.


This Dodge Challenger Concept packs a mean 5.7 Litre Hemi V8 Engine combined which has been mated with an eight speed transmission & several other goodies to enhance it’s performance.

Among these goodies is a Scat Pack 3 Performance Kit which comes with Mopar Performance CNC-ported cylinder heads, hi-flow manifolds, and hi-flow catalysts, in addition to exhaust manifolds, exhaust adapter & upgraded gaskets.

All these additions come as off the shelf options from Mopar for regular Challengers too. So, if you are an existing owner of a Challenger you can get these add ons to provide an additional 79 bhp boost to your car.

This impressive enhancement to the engine brings the total power of the car to an impressive 454 bhp without affecting the warranty of your car in the process.

Adding the performance quotient to the muscle car is an All Wheel Drive System which provides the car with better traction which in turn results in amazing track & cornering abilities.

This AWD system combined with the special Mopar suspension kit is tweaked specifically to give the Challenger a never before seen driving experience when it comes to muscle cars.


Even with all these performance enhancements, a Dodge isn’t considered a Dodge until it has a very distinct look & feel. On this front too, this concept excels our expectations.

The car carries a Destroyer Grey color scheme with Header Orange as a highlight, giving this car a menacing yet understated look which is completed by a Matte Black finish to the upper portion.

The body itself has been widened by using an off the shelf Mopar wide body kit which comes with beefy wheel flares. These flares cover unique five spoke Mopar wheels which were specifically created for the concept with a 20-inch by 10-inch (51 x 25 cm) formation for the front and 20-inch by 11-inch (51 x 28 cm) formation at the rear.

The color & highlight theme carries on into the interior of the car with the Header Orange color being used in the stitching on the comfortable Katzkin leather seats.

While the car also comes with the basic creature comforts & technological features that can be seen in general cars these days, the real focus can easily be detected towards performance, where this car really is in a league of it’s own.

Some people would be remiss to find out that currently there are no plans to bring this car into production. But if we know anything about the automotive industry, it is the fact that public response has great power to sway decision making. So, we are sure, that when Dodge sees the overwhelming public support for this concept, they might decide to bring it to life after all.

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