Eye Drops To Dissolve Cataracts

[Permanent Solution Without Need For Surgery]

Cataracts is one of the most widespread eye related disease afflicting people across the world today, with thousands requiring corrective surgery for it year after year.

Cataracts is caused by the malfunctioning of an eye protein known as Crystallins. Created in the body for the purpose of keeps the eye lens transparent, this protein in general helps keep eyesight intact.

But with age, this protein gets damaged & forms clusters above the eye lens that produce the milky opaque membrane that we generally associate with Cataracts.

This layer can so far only be removed by performing invasive eye surgery that is not only expensive, but also carries high risk towards the patient’s immediate health & future well being.

Cataract Surgery

In order to make the process of treating this disease less harmful & cost effective, some time ago, teams of researchers form the University of California, the University of Michigan & Washington University decided to work together on a project aimed at finding an artificial compound that could take over the work that healthy crystallins generally perform.

Since the start of this project, the researchers have so far identified a molecule, known as Chemical 21, which, with some tweaking could perform the same function for human eyes as crystallins.

This chemicals has so far been tested on mice & cataract affected lenses which were removed from human subjects. In these tests, it proved successful in dissolving existing clumps while preventing further clumps from forming.

These findings have been published in Science Journal & prove that further research in this direction could prove beneficial for not just cataracts but other diseases too.

We sincerely hope that this research reaches human trails soon, so we could potentially get a permanent & easy solution to cataracts in the form of basic Eye Drops.

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