Ferrari Franchi Yacht

[A Beautiful 50m Sloop For Traveling The World]

Yacht’s have always been the representative of luxury & power. Designed to impress & built for comfort, these beautiful pieces of craftsmanship are appreciated all across the globe.

Designed by Marco Ferrari & Alberto Franchi, the yacht we admire today is a breathtaking 50 Meter Sloop which combines a reverse bow with elegant modern design.

Created to be a performance yacht, this boat offers a smooth ride to anyone who wants to explore the world in style & comfort while still looking like a sleek predator.

The yacht comes with three guest cabins & an owner’s suite which offers accommodations for 8 guests but can also feature four guest cabins, raising the space for upto 10 guests.

The lower deck is where the crew can reside, with three double crew cabins offering enough space for 6 crews plus the captain’s cabin and his office.

The stern itself is nothing short of a beach club with a nice big jacuzzi which is surrounded by a double-stair that connects it to the main deck.

The deckhouse uses lots of glass in it’s design, with wide doors & windows in the ceiling to lets in the natural light, giving the guests a chance to enjoy the view while being protected from the elements.

Every part of the design comes together smoothly & sturdily, giving the yacht a sense of purpose & security, making it the perfect vehicle to traverse the corners of the earth in.

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Posted on : 07 Nov 2015 @ 02:15

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