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[A Drone That Follows You Around]

One of the main reasons behind the invention of Action Cameras was to capture unique footage from angles that cannot be explored using traditional photography techniques.

Yet, even with the increasing popularity of these cameras, the way we record & observe Extreme Sports remains restricted due to limited applications for camera mounts.

A potential solution to this problem is attaching action cameras to Drones that can then be directed to follow you around, giving you freedom to enjoy your adventures.

But even that has it’s own problems. The dynamic nature of extreme sports puts a lot of pressure on drone operators who are tasked to follow the sportsperson around.

Even if they do their job perfectly, there is a high chance that due to limitations in drone range & maneuverability, they will not be able to capture key moments of the event.

In order to take care of this problem, a UAV company named Squadrone Systems have developed a unique recreational drone, called the Hexo+, that features advanced robotics systems designed to follow you around.


Once this system is paired to your phone via Bluetooth, it keeps track of your phone & follows it around making sure that the cameras are always focused on the device.

So all you have to do is keep the paired smartphone in your pocket & the drone will follow you around, capturing all the action with dynamic angles for a crisp viewing experience.

To make sure you always have the best experience possible, the drone is designed with multiple rotors that make it fast & stable, with working speeds of over 43 MPH.

This too good to be true drone started it’s life as a successful Kickstarter Campaign, but can not be ordered directly from the companies website for personal / professional use.

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Posted on : 16 Nov 2015 @ 13:54

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