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We can honestly agree that charging our electronic devices has become an endless chore for this generation. With people becoming used to carrying around multiple devices, the problems seems to grow exponentially.

While some people have satisfied themselves by buying flagship devices that carrying Quick Charging & Wireless Charging Technologies, others still have to make do with carrying around Power Banks & Charging Cables.

No matter what end of this spectrum you may reside on, there is one thing that you will definitely agree to. The need for maximum power in the shortest amount of time will never be satisfied.

Now Huawei Technology Corporation, the famous mobile phone & component manufacturer has developed a new product that claims to be the solution for this problem of ours.

This yet unnamed device is a one of a kind Quick Charging Lithium-Ion Battery that has the capacity to charge ten times faster than normal lithium-ion batteries.

Developed by engineers in the Watt Lab of the Central Research Institute at Huawei, this battery comes in two sizes, a small 600Mah one & a bigger 3,000Mah one.

The Smaller Battery can be charged upto 68% in just two minutes, while the Bigger Battery takes just five minutes to reach 48%, which is quite impressive when compared to charging times of current phones.

Huawei shared details of these new batteries at the 56th Battery Symposium in Japan along with videos that showcase this technology in work in comparison to current smartphones.

Studying these videos seems to confirm, that this new battery tech can power a conventional smartphone for up to 10 hours with just 5 minutes of charging.

When you put this into context with the kind of high end technology we already see in terms of processors, cameras & display, we can expect quite a revolution in the mobile world soon.

We just hope that this technology clears extensive testing soon. After all this doesn’t just have applications in mobiles, but also with laptops, cameras & even electric cars.

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