Hyperlien Modern Vintage Yacht

[An Old School Fishing Boat Design]

Owning any kind of boat is more about the emotion that the vessel invokes within you, instead of what kind of specs it carries or how powerful it is on the open seas.

That being said, we still cannot ignore the fact that these unique pieces of machinery are developed solely for the purpose of heightening the experience of the passengers.

Hyperlien Yachts is one of those companies that understands this & likes to mix performance, luxury & beauty to create state of the art yachts that become must have objects as soon as you lay your eyes on them.

The designers at Hyperlien boast of a wide range of options ranging from Performance Models on one end to comfort models at the other. Today we talk about the latter end of the spectrum.

With a design that is based on the nostalgic look of Old Fishing Boats, the Modern Vintage is a one of a kind yacht that showcases a whole new dimension of how we look at luxury boats.


The fishing boat design it emulates used to be a representative of old school middle class aspirations, of roaming the open waters & hunting for fish at your own leisurely pace.

This sentiment is carried over in an elegant manner with the use of smooth line & soft colors, with addition of new materials & interiors, giving it a whole new look at the same time.

The real focus of the boat has been to maximize the limited space at hand on the interior by use of retractable / convertible equipment to create a true sense of multipurpose usage.

By using precise calculations for yacht design, the designers have ensured that this yacht gives you all the space & comfort needed while maintaining a slim & trim outlook.

While this may not be an ideal vehicle for people who like to throw big parties for several people, it is still the perfect vessel for someone who wants to enjoy a nice quiet evening on the open waters.

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