Hyperlien Yacht

[The Apex Predator Of Luxury Yachts]

Yachting is a graceful & comfortable experience which is often used to bask in the harmony between human beings and the ocean.

Luxury Yachts combine beautiful design aesthetics with advanced functionality to open up an infinite world of exploration for their owners.

The Hyperlien Yacht, created by Taipei Base Design Center (TBDC) is made by combining the body designs of sea predators with state of the art materials to form sea vessels that are the envy of all.

The Shark Line, as it’s name suggests uses the slim outlines found between the fin and body of shark to form a unique form for the yacht’s design.

In contrast with the sleek design, the insides offer a comfortably large deck space with posh interiors for entertaining people, whether while sailing or at anchor.

So if you are an avid world traveler or an aristocrat in search of cool ocean breeze, this fine piece of machinery is definitely a must have.

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Posted on : 03 Nov 2015 @ 04:54

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