Nissan Gripz Concept

[An Homage To The Iconic 240Z]

Over the years, The Frankfurt Motor Show has been host to some fascinating cars from Nissan, but none could be as over the top & eye catching high-riding sports car called the Gripz. Inspired by classic rally cars, the Gripz is Nissan’s way of letting the driver lead a dual life, practical during the week & rough rider during the weekend.

By inspiration, we mean the iconic 240Z Racer. Built as some would say, the first ever crossover, the 240Z made it’s name by ploughing through Safari Rallies across the Baja Peninsula, Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania in the 70s. Keeping it close to the master, the Gripz concept features a raised ride height and an orange and black paint job. This is the designers way of paying homage to the 240Z.

But once you get past the fascinating look of the car, there’s not much that you can find in common between these two cars. Where the 240Z was a rally racer, the Gripz is a “lifestyle SUV,” a car created for people who live in cities & like to go out only on weekends for outdoor sports.

The exterior of the car showcases what Nissan calls it’s new “Emotional Geometry” Design Language. The whole design is supposed to give out a quirky & sporty look. The 22-inch Wheels with the matte black cladding make sure of that. The Boomerang Shaped DRL is another unique design feature that makes the car easily stand out in any parking lot. The Gripz also gets a steeply raked roofline and Scissor Doors, so that the passengers have easy access to its interior despite it’s somewhat oddly shaped design. Overall it can be easily said that once you see this car on the road, you won’t forget it.

On the inside, the Gripz carries a spartan design. The interior has a minimalist look with four individual Bucket Seats. This gives the car an airy feel. The steering wheel & the instrument cluster are also designed to give a sporty look. The dashboard carries the same unique orange color format with some carbon fiber elements through in between. On a whole, this has a very strong personality of it’s own.

But these design features are not the most interesting parts of the car. The actual feature that separates the Gripz’ from other crossovers is an Inbuilt Action Camera to stream and record videos from both the inside & outside of the car. On the inside there is a diver facing camera, while another camera is embedded in the lamps, just like helmet-cams used by cyclists. This gives the driver an option to relive adventurous journeys once they are over.

Power comes from an EV Technology Based Series Hybrid System, called the “Pure Drive e-Power”. This system combines the LEAF’s Electric Motor with a small petrol engine to deliver a smooth & linear acceleration with great fuel efficiency.

Whether this car makes it to production, or becomes just another memory from the Frankfurt Motor Show, what is certain is, that Nissan has succeeded in leaving a mark with it’s unique design philosophy.

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