The Ecosphere Composting Pot

[A Pot That Produces It's Own Fertilizer]

People who like to keep plants around the house know how hard it is to maintain them. Even if you keep watering them regularly, they often don’t get the same health as plants in the wild.

Part of the reason for that is the lack of sunlight. Another part, which is probably the bigger factor is the lack of nutrition in the soil that the plants are kept in.

While it is easy to put fertilizer in a plant pot, the hard part is keeping the surroundings clean as the fertilizer often gets scattered around the pot & spreads foul smell around the house.

A solution for this is the creation of Designer Valsfer Lover, known as the Ecosphere. This smart pot features a multi level design that uses Microbial Degradation Technology to create it’s own compost.

The design is simple itself. You plant the seed as usual in the upper compartment which also has space to store water. This compartment is connected via a tube to a lower compartment.

The lower compartment features the real technological uniqueness. Here you can store the biological waste from your trash which is then turned into compost via microbial degradation.

The compartment is designed to do this in a rapid timeline while keeping the foul smell to a minimum so that you don’t realize that the device is at work.

The Ecosphere then uses it’s own special distribution system to disseminate both the fertilizer & the water stored in a timely manner in order to maximize plant development.

In this manner, not only do you get to keep your plants healthy without the need for personal intervention, you also get the chance to get rid of your biological waste in a productive manner.

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Source: Behance
Posted on : 07 Nov 2015 @ 20:19

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