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Humans have always wanted to shield themselves from the elements of nature, whether at home or while traveling. This is why cars became the most popular means of transportation.

But their size & rigidity, which was once a symbol of comfort & security, has now become a nuisance for the general public, thanks to the sheer number of them running around all the time.

While two wheelers offer a more compact size for ease of movement, parking & enhanced maneuverability, they loose the battle because of the lack of safety in their design.

Now Toyota has come up with a Three Wheeled Electric Vehicle Concept, called the I-Road which is based on the thought, that, we can combine the peppiness of a two wheeler with the safety of a car.


While there have been previous attempts of creating such a vehicle, they didn’t have any appeal because they lacked a certain degree of flexibility when it came to movement.

To tackle this issue, Akihiro Yanaka, the project manager at Toyota took inspiration from the zig-zag movements an athlete makes while navigation downhill during skiing.

He used those movements to create the unique Active Lean Technology featured in this concept, which works to actually lean the whole cabin of the car while taking a corner.

This way, even though you aren’t putting any physical effort into it, the car still leans into corners like a motorcycle would if a rider was leaning himself with the vehicle.


This makes for a unique driving experience to say the least, while at the same time opening up a whole new level of flexibility on offer to a driver moving through crowded inner city roads.

Toyota must understand that this sort of vehicle can only be effective in urban environments, hence explaining their decision of limiting the speed of the car to just 37 MPH.

While you may not be able to use the I-Road to compete with other more powerful Electric Cars in a drag race, you are surely to have a lot more fun cruising around the city in it.

Currently the company is offering car-sharing pilot programs in France and Japan for this vehicle, with future plans of introducing it in the United States & other countries.

We just hope that they do it soon, because if the videos above are any indication, anyone who owns this cute little piece of machinery would be a happy man in any road condition.

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