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[A Designer Private Hovercraft]

As long as there have been roads, there have been people who want to go off them. Whether it be sea, dirt or sand, there have always been men who want to conquer terrain that offer up a good challenge.

A lot of inventions have aided man in this conquest over the years. These include boats, yachts, ATV’s, jeeps & other vehicles created specifically for specific types of terrains.

There has been one such vehicle that has tried to be more ambitious than others, going after multiple terrains at once. What we are talking about, is a hovercraft.

This amphibious vehicle gave it’s owner the ability to traverse different terrains, including but not limited to forests, beaches, lakes, sea among many others.

But while it did offer a lot of versatility, there were always problems with it’s inherent design & build, making it difficult to control & noisy to say the least.

Now, a special Concept Hovercraft, called the Typhon, designed by Jan Bujnak, aims to bring a certain level of sophistication to the design & performance of this vehicle.

This hovercraft comes equipped with a 1 liter 4-stroke engine that is combined with off the shelf ATV parts to power two separate central and lateral intake fans in order to make it functional.

The central intake fan is used to pull air inside the “skirt”, which creates the traditional air cushion needed for a hovercraft to glide over different terrains.

While the front does this, a secondary power take off creates energy for the use of 2 electric thrusters that rise up above the vehicle in order to assist it in steering.

The craft uses a lithium polymer battery to store some of the power generated during the functioning of the craft, which can later be used to provide additional boost when needed.

This setup not only makes this a functional hovercraft, but a special breed of hovercraft which has a boost function, just like those seen in spy movies.

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Posted on : 17 Nov 2015 @ 12:22

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