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Anyone who has been paying even a small amount of attention to the world of technology knows that Robots & robotic systems have become a major point of focus for researchers everywhere.

Whether they are trying to save us, or take over our jobs, there is no denying that soon we will be living in a world surrounded by self governing robotic systems.

These systems by their mere existence are pushing the envelope of human capacities, doing things that we expect them to do & then at times, doing things we don’t.

One of the examples of robots doing things that we certainly do not expect them to do is ride a motorcycle, which is generally viewed as an activity of pleasure, rather than utility.

Showcasing this weird ability is the Motobot, a motorcycle riding robot concept, created by Yamaha & put on display at the Tokyo Motor Show for all to appreciate.

Not only did Yamaha release images of the robot riding a bike, they also shared video that showed this humanoid robot riding an actual Yamaha motorcycle, the 1000cc R1M.


Yamaha claims that the data generated by the robot will help them generate rider support systems for motorcycles, which are a much more unsafe means of transportation compared to cars.

Where cars are stable & predictable by nature, motorcycles are known for their instability & unpredictable riding experience which creates unique problems for people trying to create safety systems by anticipating rider needs & riding styles.

If successful in future trails, this experiment will certainly open up a huge, largely untapped section of research into the security & feasibility of self governing systems for automobiles.

There is also another side of the story. In the introductory video, Motobot claimed that it will surpass human ability for riding soon.

This has given rise to many conspiracy theories that claim that Yamaha might be preparing this robot for future robot racing competitions.

While this theory is both intimidating & exciting, there has been no confirmation regarding it so far. Still, no matter how this story turns out, this most will count as a high point in the history of human – robot interactions.

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