Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid Digital Piano

[First True Digital Grand Piano Experience]

Grand Pianos have without a doubt, rule the scene when it comes to sound quality in piano’s & try as they might, no company has ever come close enough to reproducing their authentic sound in digital form.

That was the absolute truth, until Casio decided to reveal it’s range of Celviano Grand Hybrid Digital Piano‘s, which combine the amazing sound quality of the grand piano with the latest cutting edge sound technology available.

These piano’s, which have been created in collaboration with the world leading piano manufacturer, C. Bechstein showcase the amazing revolution that today’s technology can bring to the music industry.

The three piano’s in this series – the GP-500BP, the GP-300BK, and the AP-700BK, feature what Casio calls the AIR (Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator) Grand Sound Source, a digital technology that can reproduce the original vibrations of sound created by the grand piano.


In order to make sure that the feel of playing the piano is as accurate as the sound, the company has used the Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard, which features real Spruce Wooden Key Material that is used in original C. Bechstein grand pianos.

In order to add a third dimension to the playing experience, the speakers have been designed to emanate sound from both above & below the soundboard, making sure that the player can actual feel the sound weaving through the air.

It is the hope of the company, that this product will let upcoming generations feel the beauty of music in the same way that the great masters of the past did, without having to worry about the space requirement of a grand piano.

So much is their belief in this thought, that they decided to include special sound profiles & presets in the piano, which would let the players experience the sound of three different types of grand pianos – the Berlin Grand, the Hamburg Grand, and the Vienna Grand.

Not only that, the presets also features scene settings for different classical composers, which lets you alter the sound of the piano to match the original sound produced by the pianos in their original venues, so that you can hear the sound playing out the way they would have.

The realization that this level of digital sound quality already exists in a production model piano, is enough to get us really excited about the future prospects of music as we more forward.

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