Priya Fertility Sensor

[A Intra-Vaginal Ring Concept that helps you Track Ovulation with an App]

Pregnancy Care has always been one of the most important, yet one of the most invasive form of medical care known to man, with millions of women getting treatment & care every year.

Yet getting pregnant still involves a lot of guess work, since there aren’t a lot of technologies that can accurately tell women when they are ready for ovulation & when they are not.

It takes a lot of hard work for women to keep track of their cycles. This crude process usually involves regular visits to the doctor, regular calendar & temperature tracking.

Now a company based out of Boulder, Colorado, called Prima-Temp has developed a unique solution to this problem – an Intra-Vaginal Ring which servers as a Fertility Sensor.

The company has named this device Priya, which means beloved in Sanskrit. This cervical ring is housed inside the body & keeps regular track of the core temperature of the body.

This data is collected every 6 minutes & then sent wirelessly to a Smartphone App which then translates it into detailed reports that offer highly accurate information about the ovulation cycle.

The company ran an IndieGoGo campaign to fun this amazing technology. Although the campaign was not successful, we still hope that this much needed technology will gain the recognition it deserves & come into the open market soon.

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Posted on : 15 Jan 2016 @ 13:23

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