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[A Talking Robot with a Phone Inside it]

Sharp has always been known for it’s love of innovation. There are a lot of technologies that we see everyday that were initially developed by the Japanese Electronic Corporation.

Keeping in touch with this ideology of innovation, Sharp has developed a one of a kind Robot Smartphone called “RoBoHoN“. This compact robot was developed in collaboration with the famous Japanese robot creator Tomotaka Takahashi.

This device shouldn’t be mistaken for a basic smartphone with a robot suit on it. Instead what it is, is a highly intelligent computing robot that can walk, talk, dance and do all the other things you would expect a toy robot to do.


In addition to the usual fun stuff, it also backs a highly competent smartphone inside it, which features a MSM quad core CPU, 3G/LTE/Wi-Fi and all the other functionalities of a regular smartphone.

While you have to physically interact with regular smartphones, Robohon’s voice function enables you to make calls, send messages, take picture & videos and do a lot of other things without even touching it.

This voice function also features as a talking assistant, alerting you about incoming msgs, calls & other information in a happy voice that will make you enjoy your notifications even more.

No smartphone is complete without a camera. Robohon features a highly unique camera system that can not only recognize you, but it’s advanced Facial & Voice Recognition system lets it search for you in a small crowd so that you always remain in focus, or if it wants to convey something to you.

The pictures and videos taken with this camera can also be projected onto flat surfaces, thanks to tiny projector unit that comes inbuilt to the robot.

I am sure that by now anyone reading this article would be thoroughly excited about buying this little bundle of joy. Unfortunately though, Sharp is yet to announce a release date or price for this device.

All we know is that it is expected to be launched sometime in 2016, and that we will certainly be waiting to bring you more details once its launched.

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