Toyota FCV Plus Concept Car

[Futuristic Car Uses Compressed Hydrogen Power Source]

The technology world has seen lots of concept cars based on futuristic designs and engines, but other than electric engines, not a lot of them ever saw the light of day.

Hydrogen Power is one of these hard to perfect technologies, which although hold a lot of promise for the future, have yet to be deployed in real, feasible designs.

Toyota is keeping the hope for hydrogen powered cars alive, with it’s FCV Plus Concept Car, which has been doing rounds of a lot of Auto Shows this past year.


Unveiled initially at the Tokyo Motor Show, this car features a special hydrogen based engine, which uses compressed hydrogen as a fuel source to produce electricity.

This hydrogen requirement can be fulfilled, either by the hydrogen storage tank inside the vehicle, or through hydrogen stored outside, which is accessed by a plug-in port in the rear.

Not only can this energy be used to power the car itself, but can also be used to power other compatible devices that the car can communicate with, such as your home or office appliances.


We understand that it may take some time before this kind of infrastructure becomes feasible, but still, the introduction of a technology like this always gives us an exciting glimpse into the future.

The concept is currently being displayed at the CES Show in Las Vegas. You can see it there in person, or through the Toyota website link given below.

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