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[A Smart Shirt that lets you Track your Body Posture]

There are a lot of problems that have risen in human beings due to our increasing sedentary lifestyles. Sitting at our desks all day with an incorrect physical posture is one of them.

Even though on the surface it doesn’t seem like bad posture should be something to worry about. But in reality, bad posture is one of the leading causes behind severe back and lower back issues that a lot of people suffer from these days.

While some would consider this common knowledge, still, being aware of the harms of bad posture still doesn’t make us any more vigilant regarding keeping our backs in correct position once we are actually sitting in front of a computer or desk.

What we need is a device which can remind us every time we aren’t maintaining a good posture. Something we can carry with us without having to worry about size, bulk or messy wires sticking out of it.

Once such device has been developed by Adela Health, a health products company. What we are talking about is a Smart Shirt called TruPosture, which is fitted with nano-sensors that can keep track of any tiny change in your posture and transmit that data to your smart devices in real time.


This data is then presented to the user through an easy to understand app that can work on Android, IOS & Windows platforms. This way you can track your progress towards a better posture with ease.

The device isn’t just about Health Monitoring. The sensors also vibrate to alert you of your bad posture, and only stop once you have corrected it properly. This feedback is given to you while sitting as well as standing, or walking.

To ensure that you don’t ruin your shirt easily, the sensors are embedded inside a washable, breathable fabric which in no way hampers their ability to function with the highest accuracy possible.

So now you can easily correct your posture, without having to deal with cumbersome posture correcting devices, chairs or any other equipment. You can pre-order this shirt from the company website, or by interacting with it’s IndieGoGo Campaign.

The company plans to do an official launch of the shirt sometime in 2016. We will surely wait with bated breath for a chance to buy one as soon as it releases.

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