World’s Most Powerful Digital Camera

[Soon to be Built Camera Will Have 3.2 Giga-pixel Resolution]

The whole point behind the invention of the camera was to make sure that images we considered memorable would never again be forgotten once we captured them within the lens.

While some people are content with just taking selfies and pictures of their pets, others want to capture what the whole universe would look like if we had a big enough camera to see it.

Coming into the latter category are researchers at the US Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory who have just received approval to build the World’s Largest Digital Camera.

This camera is expected to have a resolution of approximately 3.2 Giga-Pixels and would be installed in the 8.4 Mtr – Large Synoptic Survey Telescope which is also under construction in Chile.


The project received the green light after it cleared the Critical Decision 3 Stage and will feature teams of people from the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National laboratory and SLAC working in collaboration with each other.

Once constructed, this camera would be the size of a small car and weigh over 3 tons. Included in this weight are the three mirrors of the camera, along with 189 Sensors for various data.

It will also have a filter change mechanism and shutter, which will help the researchers view different wavelengths of light, from near ultraviolet to near infrared.

Once fitted into the telescope, the camera will become part of a 10-Year Mission, starting in 2022, with the aim of taking digital images of the entire Southern sky.

The scientists hope that this setup will let them catalog the largest number of visible galaxies and stars found by man. This extended knowledge of space is certainly expected to help in further space exploration plans.

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