A Lamp That Runs On Salt & Water

[Renewable Energy Invention with 8 Hour Battery Backup]

No matter who you are, where you live or what you do; every human being on this planet suffers from the problem of energy dependability. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone whose problem comes in the form of too high electricity bills or no electricity connection at all, every person is at all times looking for a solution that will free them from their worries.

Now, two siblings from the Philippines, named Aisa and Ralph Mijeno along with engineer Joeffrey Firas have come up with a product that will not only remove your dependency on the power grid, but also save you a whole lot of money in doing so. This solution is called the SALt LED Lamp (Sustainable Alternative Lighting), a brilliant invention that runs just on salt and water.

This incredible invention derives it’s power from a galvanic cell battery, which uses two electrodes placed in a salt water electrolyte solution to power itself. The salt water can be either made by mixing regular water with two spoons of salt, or by just using sea water, if you happen to reside near one. The inventors claim that the power generated by using this method is enough to power the lamp for almost 8 hours.


This form of easily usable and cheap power can prove lifesaving for people who live in places that suffer from irregular power supply, or are stuck in places where they cannot possibly get access to conventional power solutions.

The makes of this device are hoping that as the development of the technology progresses, they will be able to produce enough power to charge your smartphone through this lamp via a USB port housed on the side of the device.

If you are as excited about buying this lamp as we are, you might have to wait a little longer just like us, since the company hasn’t made any official announcement regarding a potential release date or price for this device. All we know so far is that it will become available to the public sometime in 2016. Until then, we’ll keep track of the updates for you.

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