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[The Safest Audi Ever]

There is a super niche market in the world, made up exclusively of billionaires and heads of states. Every major car manufacturer hopes to get a slice of it. But there are only few cars that are tough enough to handle the demanding and unpredictable nature of this field. What we are talking about is the Armored Car market.

With the increasing global threat of crime and terrorism, the cars that occupy this niche segment need to constantly evolve in order to survive. This is why, even though Audi already had a security version of its top of the line sedan, it felt the need to up the ante even further by introducing the brand new Audi A8 L Security, the safest sedan around.

When we say the safest sedan around, we aren’t just parroting a tagline some marketing team thought up. We are actually talking about a sedan which has been tested rigorously in accordance with the VR 9 Level security parameters. In layman terms, this car is tough enough to withstand an attack from NATO standard armor piercing bullets and various kinds of small explosions.

This might not be that impressive when compared to other armored cars. However, this car also features certain security measures that are not seen in most other cars. These include a state of the art emergency oxygen supply system that monitors the air around the car for toxins and will lock out outside air and replace it with fresh oxygen if it detects anything wrong. This can be considered a crucial safety measure considering the increase in chemical attacks these days.

Even when dealing with primitive forms of attack like fire, this car can handle itself well, thanks to a special heat activated fire control system which is designed to put out any fires inside the car without any outside help. Once the fire is put out, the oxygen supply system mentioned above will get activated and help remove any residual smoke and replace it with clean fresh air.

If you still feel that you might be safer outside the car in case of fires or chemical attacks, you can just blast the doors out of your way by pushing a secret button. Although this is strictly a last resort measure since the car itself won’t let anything happen to you.


Even though these systems are great for surviving a surprise attack, the real way of getting out of a bad spot is running away. In order to help you do that, this car comes equipped with a massive 6.3 liter 500 BHP W12 FSI Engine which is build specially to reach top speed of approximately 210kmph even with the extra weight. You don’t have to worry about the time it takes to reach that speed since the engine is capable of reaching 0-100kmph in just 7 seconds, an impressive feat for such a heavy car.

As we can easily see, Audi has put in a lot of work in order to make this sort of security possible. They have used a lot of high tech materials in the production of this car. The reason we aren’t mentioning any details about these materials or how the safety measures work is because Audi absolutely refuses to reveal the secrets of this car’s manufacturing process in order to safeguard it’s safety standards.

All this has been done, keeping in mind the secretive and demanding nature of the selective clientele this might buy such a car. Understanding the high expectations that come with a car of this exclusive range, Audi has made sure that all this amazing and secretive technology is wrapped up in a cocoon of luxury and opulence. Since it doesn’t look any different from any other luxurious A8 L, anyone driving next to you on the street won’t even be able to tell that you are driving a figurative tank. You can buy this tank sometime in 2016. We too will be waiting to see when.

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