Scientists Grow Artificial Human Sperm

[Possible Solution For Infertility]

Infertility has been one of the biggest problems plaguing medical science till date. With the increasing rise in infertility rates due to the sedentary lifestyles and bad habits of people these days, the need for a medical solution to this problem is more than ever before.

Scientists working in a biotech company called Kallistem have apparently answered this need with the first possible solution to infertility.

This solution comes in the form of artificial sperms that can now be grown in laboratories using tissue samples from infertile men.


Kallistem, a biotech startup from Lyon, France has already patented this new miracle technology, which has been named Artistem.

This technology was developed in collaboration with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

These two organizations held a joint press conference with the company to announce the achievement.

Currently this technology is highly experimental and has only been tested by the company in their labs.

The technology uses senimiferous tubules collected from infertile men to create mature sperm cells in a 72 day long process.

The results of these experiments will now be tested and peer reviewed to find out their credibility. The trails have already been scheduled for 2017.

If successful, this cure will provide hope for thousands of people across the world suffering from infertility.

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